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This research aimed to fill gaps in the understanding of the girls’ funding landscape in terms of identifying the funders, the amounts and ways of funding distributions, and to what extent adolescent girls themselves are present across the funding landscape intended for them. Our goal is to provide critical insights for funders, policy-makers, and practitioners who want to center adolescent girls and deliver transformational funding and support for them.

Key Findings and Recommendations Guide

This guide offers a synthesized version of the Resourcing Girls to Thrive research report, highlighting the key findings and recommendations.

Research Report

This report provides critical insights for funders, policy-makers and practitioners who want to support and deliver transformational programs for adolescent girls.

What Thriving Looks Like to Girls

Learn about the ways in which girls envision a world where they thrive.
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This taxonomy was created to provide a framework and common language for analysis of the funding flows for adolescent girls.

Research Actors Sample

This is a list of the names of the actors reviewed for this research.

Infographic for Girls

This infographic is for adolescent girls. It provides an overview of the research.

Girl and Youth Funding, Accompaniment, and Participation Resources Compilation

The purpose of this document is to make available articles, tools, guides, and other practice-oriented materials specific to girl and youth funding, accompaniment, and participation.